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21 Steps to Success

21 Steps to Success by Bernard Goldbach, on Flickr

Success is always a good thing. It shows a person had the discipline to attack a challenge and persevere through any difficulties that may have arisen to block their potential success.

Most years my resolutions have died by the end of February. Some may have lasted into March, but those non-successes have long been forgotten. If a resolution, goal, or challenge was not attained there is no need to remember. Learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward.

A big success I had was losing weight and running more miles. I was able to get myself down to 170 pounds and run a 12 mile trail race. It took a major shift in my life style to accomplish, but through hard work and discipline I was able to make it happen.

Remember the successes, learn from the mistakes along the way, and forget the failures.