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I’m always hesitant to make resolutions for the new year. More times  than not these good intentions end up dying a quick death. I’ve tried  making goals, but these only seem to die over a longer period  compared to a resolution. Though there have been some which I was able to carry through, I’ve since reneged on them, eg., gained my weight  back. Once again, I’ve used up all 365 days of the year without making much headway on anything. I hate to say my pessimism is getting  the most of me as 2015 begins, but its ugly voice is gurgling up to the  surface. The past few days I’ve been questioning this journey of  becoming a full-time writer. I’ve written some poetry the past month and started a few short stories; however I can feel the pressure I’m putting on myself to succeed starting to weigh on  me. The pressure is nothing new as it has been a recurring theme for me most of my adult life: starting things with gusto only to lose steam when my impatience pokes holes into the boiler of my excitement. I’m miring this post in self-pity, and I need to stop doing that this year.

My new headshot.

My new headshot.

With that being said, I’m doing things a little different with the blog this  year. One thing you may notice is the new headshot of myself. Although the old one was cool, I think a more professional looking picture is in  order for 2015. At least now people can see my full face. The title of the blog has been changed to Journey of Many Steps. Please see my About page for further explanation of the title. I  will be scaling back the amount of poems I post on the blog. A goal I  have this year is to have my poems and short stories published and if I’m posting them on here I can’t submit them elsewhere for publication. Just because I’m cutting back on poems does not mean I  will be cutting back on writing on here. I will be setting a goal to post at least once a day by using the prompts provided for the NaBloPoMo at the BlogHer website.  As I was looking over the site, I got the impression the site is geared towards women, but I was looking for prompts to use, so I’m using it. Hopefully, they don’t mind. Offline I am planning to become more networked with  other authors and poets in the area by attending more writing groups.  There are three groups in the area I want to check out. I’m already  participating in one of the groups and have been enjoying the  interaction, though I need to become more involved with the other  writers than I am now. Have to open my mouth more, interact, and get to know everyone on a personal level. Not too personal, don’t want to be seen as a weirdo. Outlets for poetry are not plentiful in my area.  There is one place that does an open mic, but it is a forty-minute drive from my house. At some point, I will check it out, and in the meantime keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities.


My planner for 2015.

Besides writing goals, I want to be organized with my time in 2015. I feel as though I have squandered my time on frivolous things that distract me from my literary pursuits. I’ve bought a planner and have already begun planning  my days. I will even be planning my writing time so I can create a writing habit that will keep growing. Financially I will be setting a goal of saving more this year. This goal will be accomplished by saving $1 for each week in the year. The result will help to fund a much-needed vacation. I’ll write up a blog post for this sometime in the future. The year 2014 did not turnout how I’d hoped when it began and has ended  pessimistically, but 2015 has begun with another 365 days of possibilities laying ahead of me. Let’s make this a breakout year. What are your goals for 2015? Tell me in the comments section below.