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– by : 23 :, on Flickr

Milky mist enveloped the horse and rider along a moon lit road. The steed snorted and sidestepped, but the rider urged him forward through the forest, spurred on by a woman’s cry. Longing and sadness hung in the air piercing his soul and infiltrating his heart. Desire to comfort her, love her, and remove her pain burned hot in his being. Her hurt became his hurt. Her wail became his wail.

Tears filled his eyes when she appeared through the mist. He saw the tormented woman clenching the side rail of a bridge while shrieks of sorrow exploded from her mouth pushed by the force of her lament. She was wearing a white dress that flowed and intertwined with the mist and her pale skin glowed bright like the moon stepped down from heaven to manifest itself on Earth.

The rider dismounted and walked toward the woman whose mournful howl weighed down his steps with a melancholy symphony played across his heart. He ached for her, craved to be one with her. She looked at him with eyes red from the gushing flow of despair and opened her arms to him. Raging love surged through his body. Her cries burrowing in his conscious, he ran to take her agony away.

With insane rapture he plunged into her. She dissipated, swirling away with the mist. He flipped over the rail falling into the ravine. His lovelorn moan stopped when he smashed into the rocks far below.