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Bien & Mal

Bien & Mal by Diego Peñailillo, on Flickr

“No”, she says to the man
with the bald head, the dark tan.
Struggling, she tries in vain
to get away from the oncoming pain.
“I’m sorry,” says the man through watering eyes,
“It’s over between us. I cannot lie,
the woman you seen wasn’t a friend,
my lover is who she has been.”
Anger boils deep from within her
giving rise to dark thoughts of murder.

“No!” she screams again,
“this is not how we end.”
Not knowing but only feeling rage,
a wild animal locked in a cage.
Primal emotions burning red,
A betrayed wife who’s been misled.
Cold steel in her hand appears
with instantaneous lack of fear.
A loud noise, smoke and blood,
His body meets the floor with a thud.
Years of living with a cheat
ended by a wife packing heat.