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If you can dream it, you can do it.

– Walt Disney

It takes a spark; a light snapping into existence out of the darkness of nothing. A split second of brilliance shining across the void to ignite a fire which leads to an innovation, a discovery, a new awesomeness that can change the world forever. Each of us has that ability within our minds and our hearts to grab hold of the spark, bring it forth and give it birth into reality.

Walt Disney’s spark exploded before him on a train ride home after receiving the devastating news that the cartoons he had been working on were not his and he would not be financially compensated for his work. In that darkness of anger and despair the spark of a mouse lit the dark. He could have let the mouse stay on the pad paper, but there was something about the mouse which created more sparks and a vision of reality with the mouse leading the way on a steamboat chugging into the collective soul of America.

Every person has the ability to dream, and every person has the opportunity that comes with dreaming to bring it to fruition. It must be grabbed hold, held tight and not let go. There will be obstacles in the way. as a road anywhere has, however they are just bumps to your success. Disney did not allow a bump in the road derail his dream. He dreamed bigger and led the charge forward to realize that dream.

It all starts with a dream, your dream. From there it’s a matter of making it happen, doing the little things to keep the spark growing so it becomes a fire that changes the world. The opportunity is there waiting for you to do it.  Wrap your fingers around it and make it happen. “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

What is your dream? Let me know in the comments section.