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From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow. - Aeschylus

From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow. – Aeschylus

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s discovered by listening to internal and external surroundings and paying attention to the nuances that surround each of us everyday. It is everywhere talking, singing, and engaging with us; but the conversation must be allowed to enter into our souls so it can then be expressed in verse and prose.

  • Close Your Eyes and Open Your Ears. What do you hear? Don’t listen to what is on the surface, but listen past the noise. Pick out a tiny nugget and focus on it. When I wrote the poem “Rain” I had woke up from sleeping to hear the sound of a slow, soaking rain coming through my open bedroom window. As I lay there listening to what was happening I became focused on the rain; though not just the rain itself, but what it was doing as it came down and how the sounds I was hearing were being made. Your surroundings are speaking to you. Nurture that relationship by listening.
  • Open Your Eyes and Pay Attention to What is in Front of You. Life is happening all around at breakneck speeds and in moments of quiet serenity. Open your eyes to the scenes playing out in front of you. Take notice of the little things, again looking beyond the surface. I was in a restaurant eating breakfast when I noticed an older couple sitting across the dining room. They were not talking to each other, however each was silently reading a book. It appeared to me how solid their relationship must be to enjoy the company of their spouse without engaging in conversation, and yet be completely aware of the others presence. It struck such a chord with me I had to write about them.
  • Keep Your Mind Open to the Muse. My mind is always throwing lines at me. “Ideas” and “Cornfield Mind” talk about the craziness flying around my brain. From time to time a line will come sail out of the fray to smack me right in the face. When it does I have to stop what I’m doing to find out where it wants to go like when the line “We jump over mountains of fire and ice” grabbed hold of me and didn’t let go until I had followed it down the path which happened to lead to an erotic encounter. Although I had no idea what the line was about at the time it came crashing into me, because I decided right away it was something special, I was rewarded with a poem.
  • An Open Paper to Write On. Inspiration will strike you at anytime which means a writer must be prepared at all times to jot it down. There have been several times while waiting for sleep to overtake me that my brain becomes active with possibilities needing to be written. Never wait until morning to start recording the muse, be ready with paper and pen so there is nothing forgotten. If you have to start carrying a backpack with paper, pens, dictionary, and thesaurus ready to be used, then do it.

There should never be a problem finding something to write about. So much is going on around us we have an endless supply of inspiration. All we must do is keep our eyes, ears, and mind open to the possibilities bombarding us everyday.

How do you find inspiration? Tell me about it in the comments section below.