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Barren land

Barren land by Amr Tahtawi, on Flickr

Winds blow across a dry, barren land,
Bringing a darkness, a cover like sand.
Grit in my mouth and in my shoe,
There is no sky, there is no blue.

The grit forbids the opening of eyes.
They hurt and water when it is tried.
I am constantly hit from all sides,
There is no place for me to hide.

Forward I trudge through this nightmare,
My lungs fighting for an ounce of air.
How did I get here, how’d I get caught?
If I stop now it will all be for naught.

I must fight on though it hurts me so,
“Be strong, be strong just take it slow.”
My mind is weary, my muscles aching,
My heart collapses from the breaking.

Voices of death invade my mind,
“Giving up” is the name of their kind.
Swirling shadows grab at my soul,
I push them off, I must be bold.

Onward, yes onward I must go,
Through this trial, this fire, this heavy load.
Each step, each foot in front of the other,
Always moving so as not to be smothered.

I stumble, I fall, but I will get up.
Try as he may I will not drink from his cup.
Though I am lashed and bitten by the wind,
I have made up my mind never to give in.

There is One I cry to who is called the Rock,
The wind, though it whips, can never him mock.
A solid stone on which I can stand
When the wind blows across my dry, barren land.


Originally posted at HelloPoetry.com in 2010.