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A friend of mine Heather Vance Ruschman has been diving into the world of photography for a couple years now and has taken to it with an incredible eye for the subtle nuances around us. Please check out her blog and give her a follow as she steps into the WordPress world. Leave comments on her blog.

The Faction House

I have an innate attraction to structures that are deemed “abandoned”. When you enter a derelict house or a building that’s uninhibited, it feels like you’re the first one there, like you are the first person to have discovered it. But then you see the crudely drawn graffiti, the scattered beer cans and snack wrappers and you’re hit with the sudden realization that this place is not so special and many before have ventured inside the gutted, emaciated abode.
It’s not the safest hobby I could’ve taken up. A wrongly placed foot could mean a rusty nail through the sole of my shoe. If I’m not vigilant, the floor might be decayed beyond structural reliability and there might be vagrants hiding in the dark recesses of the grimy basement. Trespassing is still against the law. For all of these undesirable scenarios, there is the thrill of the hunt; an insatiable…

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