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blackness by nortcliffm, on Flickr

down into a
spiraling pit
that chokes the
life blood from
a soul;
claw, grasp
for anything to
hold, to
stop the
further descent
where dreams,
are turned into
a churning mass
enveloping and consuming
light that
emanated before a
dark wolf took
hold of
flesh to twist
the mind into
things sanity
should never entertain
or glance at
possibilities too
crazy to make
heads or tails,
up or down,
left or right
though nothing seems
right looking up
through the thick
ink of dead
mutilated by
a world moving
too fast to care
how or what
is happening
in the pit screaming
for help,
kicking, thrashing for
the surface to
take a breath
before the nefarious
hand playing little
piggies with toes
as this little one goes
all the way back down
into a state of
emotions continuing to
course through the
spirit like toxic sludge
from a sewer
of fallen dreams
and crushed hopes;
discarded toys
flung upon the rocks,
pushed to the side by
bullies in life
invading a childhood
fading faster
and faster from the sight
of the innocent child,
whisked away on the
winds of responsibility
crashing down into
self-pity, self-loathing for a
time when the image could look
in a mirror and know what was
staring back at it
when all seemed
right and pleasant