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First submission to Asimov's_10-29-2014

First submission to Asimov’s_10-29-2014 by Robert Eilers, on Flickr

I have officially submitted a poem to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. This is my first cold submission for publication anywhere. The picture above shows the confirmation email. Now comes the waiting, and more waiting, and more waiting to hear if I my poem is good enough to grace the pages of the prestigious Asimov’s Science Fiction.

Adriana Eissa wrote a great post called “You Need One Thousand No’s To Get A Yes”. I hope that will not be the case for my first submission, but I know the odds are against me just like they are against all other writers. The worst part of writing is not the writing, developing ideas, or overcoming writer’s block; the worst part is  waiting for an acceptance. If I start getting a ton of rejections that may become my worst part of writing, however, as Adrianna says,

No should be the warning sign of a yes in the distance.

With each “no” rejection I receive means I am that much closer to getting a “yes”. I am closer to a dream I’ve been keeping for decades. Now that I’m on the trail to something I want to become, one “no” cannot knock me down. If every person let the first rejection destroy their dream there would be a lot fewer companies, a lot fewer books, music, art, crafts, and there would be a debilitating air of melancholy hanging over the world. We cannot “be defeated by two letters.” We must persevere through the hard times so our dreams and all the dreams of those after have a chance to become reality.

There will be sadness if I get a rejection from Asimov’s Science Fiction, it can’t be helped, but I’ll get over it. I’ll find somewhere else to send the poem, and will eventually get my “yes”. When I do get my “yes” it will be an awesome day. I probably won’t jump up and down; holler and yell; or scream and shout because that’s not my thing, instead, I may stare at it for a day or two while the realization sinks in.

Whatever way I spontaneously celebrate it will be made possible by the determination not to let two letters get under my skin. The roots and rocks in the trail trying to trip me up will be a memory looked back on with fondness as having made me stronger in my will to see myself become a published, full-time writer.