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A Beautiful Scar

A Beautiful Scar by Robert Eilers, on Flickr

Lonely puffs of cloud
shadow crawl gracefully
across the rolling mountains,
blown by warm breezes.

A rock face breaks
the green tree line like
a beauty mark on smooth
skin, a beautiful scar.

God’s subtle violent upheaval
of land, dirt and rock
producing a natural eye candy
for a stressed soul.

It calls like a love lorn
lady to her lost lover,
“Come back to me, cleave to my
bosom, my being. Become
one with my spirit as was
intended in the beginning.”

But a stronger mechanized spirit calls
us to a routine, day in and
day out superficial life
devoid of meaning.

Escape my child, back to the lady
begging to take us out of the
worldly filth heaped up
by maniacal deceptiveness.