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Day 220: What the heck am I writing

Day 220: What the heck am I writing by Cali4beach, on Flickr

A basic understanding of English e.g., sentence structure, spelling etc., should be an important part of every person’s life. Without this understanding it can make it very difficult to function in our texting and posting world without looking ignorant. It’s not to say that a person isn’t smart or knowledgeable in other areas such as being able to fix anything mechanical or someone who can build things out of nothing, but there is an impression of intelligence, intentional or not, that people make when reading what a person has written.

Scroll through a Facebook feed and you can easily spot those who have a handle of the English language and those who do not. Mistakes that can often be seen include: “there” instead of “their” or “they’re”, “are” instead of “our”, and “its” instead of “it’s” and vice versa for any of them. There are run on or fragmented sentences, missing capitalization and punctuation, etc. When these mistakes are written on a consistent basis it does not do anything for a person’s intelligence impression and can make them look ignorant.

Facebook may not be the pages of a book or a forum of higher learning, but how a person writes a post should be important. The English language shouldn’t be drug through the sewage because of simple to correct usage problems. The internet never forgets which means everything written, all the spelling mistakes, usage errors, improper structure, and every flaw is able to be looked at and consumed, even years from now. Take the time to look over posts, make sure everything is correct. Don’t allow simple flubs make it look like a child wrote it.

It isn’t necessary to write like Tolkien or Hemingway, but it is necessary to at least write like you have a basic understanding of the language, after all, if it is your native language and the only one you know, there should be a basic knowledge of it that shows in your writing.