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I need to take this and get it way down into my soul and live it every day.

Heather Bergdahl

Always before a big weekend I try to plan out my study schedule so I can be most effective.  It’s not that late and I’m already exhausted.  I think it’s from my lack of sleep the other day…  I was reading over a few emails when I came across this success affirmation from my Dad:

I will dream big dreams, set lofty goals and I will control my own destiny   I am willing to take managed risks, challenge the status quo and swim upstream.  I will face my fears, and overcome life’s obstacles, as I boldly challenge myself to pursue greatness.  I will never become complacent and I will not be satisfied with simply maintaining things the way they are. I believe I can always improve upon my best effort!  With care and forethought, I will take managed risks. I will study, ask questions, seek advice, challenge conventional wisdom…

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