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Imaginarium 2014

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Louisville, KY for my first writer’s conference called Imaginarium. Excited does not explain how I’m feeling about this weekend filled with writing craftiness.

From Friday to Sunday there will be over 130 panels and workshops, a film festival, vendor hall, gaming room, awards banquet, masquerade, and lot’s of creative people getting together and hanging out. Many different genres will be represented throughout including: screenwriting, game writing, poetry, comics, speculative fiction, horror, editing, romance, social media, blogging, and others. The sheer magnitude of things to cram into three days is mind-boggling.

I’ve signed up for five workshops:

  • Level Up! Taking Your Fiction to the Next Level – Hosted by Tim Waggoner…Learn tips and techniques to make your stories stronger and help them sell faster.
  • The Write Way to Success – by Kenneth Daniels will show the right way to market your writing.
  • Exploding out of the Gate – Workshop with Lee Martindale will help you to master the strong opening.
  • Writing Genre Short Fiction – Jason Sizemore leads you down the path to mastering short fiction.
  • Poetry Workshop – Bianca Spriggs will lead a class with activities on generating speculative poetry.

Those will be just the workshops I will be attending. There will also be numerous panels to occupy my time. Not to mention all the new people I’ll get to meet.

I’m hoping to be able to blog about the conference each day with highlights of my travels and all the interesting people I will meet. Then next week I’ll write a follow up about what I thought of my first conference. If you are able to attend this will be a worthwhile con not just for writers but also for readers interested in finding new authors, gamers, and movie buffs. The whole weekend is just $55. You can’t beat that with a tree branch.

Stay tuned for my Imaginarium adventure.

Here is my Imaginarium wrap up post. My Experience Entering Imaginarium