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Inner Conflict by Jeremy Blanchard, on Flickr

Inner Conflict by Jeremy Blanchard, on Flickr

Conflict rages within me.
The loins of my youth pitted
against the responsibilities of adulthood.
My heart says to fly,
my mind keeps me down.
Back and forth,
Pushing and pulling,
Tearing the fabric of my existence.

A liar in this ear,
truth in that ear.
One whispers sweet nothings
the other is yelling to stop.
I listen to one and experience intensity,
listen to the other and my feet stay on the ground.

Oh to live life without a care,
leaping into the empty space of unknowing.
breaking the binds of conformity,
ripping away the chains that society has put on me:

having to have,
media lies,
political deception,
looking over my shoulder
hoping the thin thread doesn’t come unraveled.

Take your pop culture,
your eye candy facade.
Live your lives as servants to the few
who pull your marionette strings.
They are not my masters,
my organ grinders.
My life is mine to control.
Not by their Fifth Avenue jingles,
five second sound bites,
soapbox diatribes,
podium fallacies.

I am my own man,
own mind,
own person.

They will not own me.


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